Beware: Selling Real Estate Means More Than Posting a “For Sale” Sign

If you’ve decided to sell your Eugene Oregon real estate or Springfield home, you’ll need to do much more than hammer a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard. Homebuyers today are quite savvy when it comes to the real estate market. How you will handle questions like…

“How does this house compare to others homes in Eugene?”

“How did you determine the price / fair market value of your property?”

“Can you help with financing?”

“If I make an offer, who will create the paperwork for a legal contract?”

“Does the property have a defect since you’re not using a Realtor®?”

“Since you aren’t using a Realtor®, will you discount the price by at least 10%?”

One of the most important financial transactions in your lifetime will involve buying and selling a home. Is it really worth the risk to forgo using a certified Realtor® for the transaction?

Quite often people who decide to sell their own homes do so in the hopes of saving money. What they fail to realize is that selling a home does cost in terms of time, advertising, supplies, attorney fees, etc. When you seriously look at how much it costs to sell a home you might be surprised to find out working with a Realtor® is actually quite a bargain instead of going it alone.

Today, almost all homes are sold using a Realtor®. Not only because of the financial benefits, but also the emotional ones. When you work with a Realtor® you have peace of mind that the sale of your home will be handled by competent professionals. They’re experienced with handling the ‘paperwork’ and possible pitfalls that can come with the task of selling a home in Eugene. So, before you decide to put your house on the market by yourself be sure to contact us.

At no cost to you we’ll do a quick Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and let you know what we feel your home is worth. We’ll also describe, as experienced, top Eugene Realtor®, how we could market your property to homebuyers. This service is free, with no strings attached or any upfront obligation on your part. Simply contact me and I will quickly get back to you about your property…

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