Buying a Eugene or Springfield OR Home

Buying A Home in Eugene or Springfield OR Home

Did you know that not all real estate agents are alike? Some, in fact, are reactive like a pinball, bouncing through a deal: “Oh yeah, I’ve got to do this,” and “Oh yeah, the other agent is bugging me about that.” But when you choose the Simon Smith Team to help you find and buy your Eugene-Springfield home, you get an exclusive Buyer’s Agent who is proactive and keeps an eagle eye on every detail of your transaction.

She does this by using a high-tech data management system to monitor every single contingency and every single due date and deadline set forth in your real estate contract. “So what?” you may ask. Well, just this one thing can prevent loss of your earnest money, for example. Here’s how…

As a buyer, when you write an earnest money promissory note and stipulate that in three business days upon the seller’s acceptance of your offer, your note will be redeemed … AND you have a real estate agent who — like most agents — does not closely monitor such details and lets that deadline pass without making sure your promissory note is redeemed, your money is automatically forfeited to the seller!

But when you have our exclusive Buyer’s Agent with the Simon Smith Team closely monitoring every deadline, due date and contingency of your contract, the possibility of something like this happening to you is reduced to zero.

Overwhelmed With Choices? How to Get The Help You Need

Eugene Oregon Real Estate - Autzen StadiumSearching the Eugene-Springfield homes for sale on the Internet can be great fun — that is, in the beginning. But after a while, with so many choices available in today’s market, the homes all start to run together. It only takes a few wasted hours spent driving around and viewing homes in person to
discover how many are unsuited to your needs, when online they looked so perfect.

For instance, if backyard privacy is a must-have, it’s nearly impossible to tell online when a home you love is severely lacking. And what about your future needs when buying a home for the long term? Today, you may be fine with carrying heavy groceries up a flight of stairs from the garage to the kitchen. But will you feel the same in five or ten years?

When you choose the Simon Smith Team to help you in finding and buying a Eugene or Springfield OR home,  you get the services of our exclusive Buyer’s Agent who knows the Eugene-Springfield market like her own backyard. This includes all the nooks and crannies, all the individual neighborhoods and which homes are available in each.

So, be good to yourself! When you fill out our Perfect Home Finder, our exclusive Buyer’s Agent saves you hours — possibly days — of valuable time and energy by previewing homes for you to eliminate those that do not perfectly match your criteria. This is a free service we provide to you, the homebuyer.

Or if you prefer, call or email the Simon Smith Team. Our exclusive Buyer’s Agent can then sit down with you — either in person or by phone — and discuss your needs. Why not do it now and see how quickly we respond?

How You Can Help The Eugene-Springfield Community

Did you know that when you buy your home through one of the “big-box” franchises, a large portion of the commission paid to the agent goes to the national franchise located outside our community? BUT when you buy your home using a team or agent with Key Realty Group Inc. — a home-grown independent real estate brokerage — 100% of your money stays in the Eugene-Springfield area to benefit your home community.

Which do you prefer?


First Home Buyer's Loan Form

First Home Buyer's Loan Form